News How inMarket Helped Drive $14.5 Billion In Retail Sales Over Black Friday Signs indicate that beacons can boost in-store purchases the rest of the year as well. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Dec 5th
News Proximity Marketing Pioneer Gimbal Acquired By The Mobile Majority The anticipated consolidation of the location marketplace appears to be gaining momentum. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Dec 5th
News Walkbase Names Location Tech Veteran Kevin Hunter To Head U.S. Efforts The Finland-based IoT analytics and marketing platform Walkbase is ready to enter the U.S. marketplace. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Nov 11th
News Unacast Hires Programmatic Executive Marianna Zaslavsky To Run Proximity Platform Partnerships The world is getting 'sensored up' with beacons and other indoor marketing tools. The former Hooklogic and Eyeview vet will be connecting proximity data to companies' wider digital ad targeting efforts. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Oct 6th
Analysis This iOS 10 Update Could Hinder Location-Based Ad Sales The full release of Apple's sofware update offers significant of promise for mapping-based marketing. But it also appears to present some roadblocks to publishers who use location-triggered ads. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Aug 31st
News Canada’s CN Tower Launches Proximity Marketing To Engage Tourists And Drive Ticket Sales Canada’s CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, tapped Aruba Networks to personalize the on-site experience for its 1.6 million annual visitors. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Aug 31st
Analysis How Brands Can Resist The ‘Commodification’ Of Proximity Marketing Data Marketers are having a tough time differentiating one location business services provider from another. Here’s ShopAdvisor’s plan to set itself apart from the pack. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Aug 29th
Analysis This Is Why Major Brands Are About To Embrace Beacon-Based Retargeting With millions of dollars being spent on digital, brands are ready for proximity tools like beacons to close the loop between online and offline customers, says Unacast's Thomas Walle. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Aug 26th
Event The State of Mobile Proximity Marketing: Join The Discussion On Tuesday Everything you want to know about the state of mobile proximity marketing and how retailers, brands and others can drive shopper awareness accelerate their path to in-store purchase. GeoMarketing By GeoMarketing, Aug 19th
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