Analysis Connected Home Devices Remain Favorite IoT Products For Parents A possible interpretation of the stats: Staying in with the kids translates to time spent with smart TVs, health and fitness tools, security systems. Connected cars and smart-watches? Not so much. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Jan 5th
News Intel Takes 15 Percent Stake In HERE Maps A week after a trio of Asian investors took a piece of HERE, Intel is making a small acquisition in HERE is designed to jumpstart the chipmaker's move into driverless cars and IoT. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Jan 3rd
News 10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week All the location news this week, from advertising on IoT devices to Google's local discovery update. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Dec 16th
Analysis Microsoft’s Expanded Mapping Deal With HERE To Help It Meet IoT Challenges Microsoft and HERE go back a long way. But the future is beyond mapping and the two are moving forward on exploring the role of location in powering predictive analytics for a broad range of uses. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Dec 16th
Geo 101 GeoMarketing 101: Internet Of Things As the presence of smart devices increases, marketers are beginning to explore the new ways in which the internet of things allows them to connect to consumers — and allows consumers to connect to each other. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Dec 15th
News Majority Of Americans Have An IoT Device — And They’re Open To Advertising From fitness trackers to connected TVs to smart watches, consumers are rapidly embracing the Internet of Things. And an IAB report finds they're amenable to ads on those screens. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Dec 15th
News Volkswagen Releases Smart Key Fobs with Beacon Functionalities Following a partnership with beacon provider Blesh, drivers in Turkey can access the Volkswagen app, find their smartphone, and more — all from a connected key fob. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Nov 21st
Analysis Location Tech Can Ease IoT Security Skepticism Consumers are still unsure that wearables are worth the cost. Security and lifestyle uses are the key to unlocking greater interest in IoT, says Skyhook's David Bairstow. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Oct 27th
News IBM Adds Pitney Bowes’ Location Insights To Meet ‘Era Of Cognition’ Two storied companies with close to 200 years of collective technology experience between them are partnering to meet the marketing demands associated with the IoT, Machine Learning, and the analysis of unstructured data. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Oct 24th
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