News Factual’s Observation Graph Grapples With Connecting Location To Behavior Location needs context to be understood. WPP's Xaxis is putting Factual's real-world activity analytics to the test. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 22nd
Analysis Why Did Google Acquire Urban Engines? To Redefine The Transportation Business The financial details as well as the purpose for Google's latest purchase are sketchy. But adding Urban Engines' traffic and public transit data is a clear bid to strengthen the search giant's ultimate aims. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 19th
Analysis How Brands Can Resist The ‘Commodification’ Of Proximity Marketing Data Marketers are having a tough time differentiating one location business services provider from another. Here’s ShopAdvisor’s plan to set itself apart from the pack. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Aug 29th
Analysis Closing the Loop on Location-Based Marketing IgnitionOne's Michael Ragusa explores the evolving potential of beacons in 'mobile-first' marketing. Michael Ragusa By Michael Ragusa, Aug 15th
Analysis Has Donald Trump’s Campaign Negatively Affected Trump-Branded Businesses? Consumers are voting with their feet and Foursquare finds that visits are down at Trump-branded hotels, casinos, and golf courses. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Aug 4th
News What’s Wrong With Geofences? UberMedia Has An Answer Geofences tend to be too general, too 'one-size fits all,' says UberMedia's Michael Hayes. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Jul 13th
Analysis All Eyes on Location Data – Recap From Cannes Lions Unacast was at Cannes and was to be selected to Unilever’s Foundry 50. Thomas Walle, the proximity platform company's CEO, notes that attribution was the hot topic at the annual industry event. Thomas Walle By Thomas Walle, Jun 30th
Analysis Geo-segmentation — Taking Personalization to the Next Level Consumers can be best best targeted via any channel — e.g., email, mobile push or SMS message — but doing so based on where they are is key. David Galante By David Galante, Jun 28th
News Catalina’s Point-Of-Sale Targeted Deals Tool Goes Omnichannel The shopper-tracker company's CPG recommendation engine, My Favorite Deals, used to be accessible only when the customer was at a retail location. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Feb 24th
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