Google Links Twitter Emojis To Local Search Results

It's all part of the tech giant's #KnowNearby local search tool campaign.

Google launched a new emoji-based feature Tuesday, allowing users to tweet emojis at the tech giant’s Twitter account in exchange for a GIF and a link to local search results related to the emoji.

Here’s how it works: if someone tweets a hamburger emoji to Google, they’ll get a tweet back with a playful GIF and a link that takes them directly to Google’s mapped search results for “burgers nearby.”

“The emoji engine is similar to what Taco Bell has been doing on Twitter for about a year and is part of a campaign Google calls #KnowNearby that promotes its local search tools,” Adweek’s Lauren Johnson reported Tuesday.

Emoji tweet Google

The goal — beyond spurring a bit of Millennial-friendly emoji fun —appears to be twofold: First, as stated, it promotes the #KnowNearby hashtag for Google’s local search tools, as well as its mapping capabilities in general. Second, it appears that Google wants to understand more about the “language” of emojis. How do users engage with them? And might they become a legitimate part of search queries in the future?

Maybe, maybe not. But Google recently made an update to its emoji suite aimed at offering more representations of women, so its clear that the company is invested in crafting the diverse emoji options that audiences want. Additionally, Google has made a series of Maps updates that offer increased flexibility in local search, so this most recent tongue-and-cheek campaign does appear to tie things together.

So, go have some local search fun with emojis. But if you’re thinking of playing a risqué joke by tweeting Google the eggplant, save your time — the campaign does appear committed to keeping things PG-rated.

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