Foursquare Partners With Socialgist, Solidifies Role As Social Discovery App

Foursquare’s user-generated review is an appetizing resource for marketers to use, possibly strengthening the app’s ad marketplace, Pinpoint.

Foursquare is partnering with social media data analytics firm Socialgist to help retailers get deeper insights from the location-based social media platform’s user-generated “tips.”

Those tips take the form of short written reviews left by the app’s more than 60 million users at different locations. The reviews can be read by any other app user who enters the same location. Foursquare says that more than 70 million tips have been left by its users.

“Our tips data delivers valuable first-hand opinions about the places people visit,” said Michael Harkey, Foursquare’s VP of Business Development, in a statement. “We knew that our tips needed to be accessible to the global brands because they are more than just reviews – they’re a window into how consumers share their experiences. We chose to partner with Socialgist because they have long-proven their ability to manage and deliver large data sets to global brands.”

Michael Harkey, Foursquare's VP of Business Development
Michael Harkey, Foursquare’s VP of Business Development

Socialgist provides both sourcing of social media data for businesses and a data management platform which will now contain data mined from Foursquare tips left by users. This could allow businesses to get a better insight into what their customers think of their experiences, keep an eye on customers’ views of the competition, assess weaknesses, and emphasize strengths all in a neat platform, rather than having to dig through the tips themselves.

Additionally, it’s another way that location data is becoming an integral part of what businesses use to analyze their successes and failures. “Our clients have made it clear that global brands want to listen and engage with consumers based on location,” said Socialgist President Darren Kelly.

With the breaking down of Foursquare’s discovery and social check-in functionality into two distinct apps, Swarm handling the check-ins, Foursquare is solidifying its role as an app to help users get to know their area better and discover new places based on location data. By partnering with Socialgist, Foursquare becomes more of a challenger to companies like Yelp and Google who have typically dominated the user review aspect of location data, while bringing in a strong social media element that other review programs lack.

“The ability to aggregate tips could help new businesses better understand what consumers in a particular area appreciate, helping them form their offering to serve their customers better,” said a Foursquare spokesperson.

Supplying its data to be used as part of a business’ analytics program also strengthens Foursquares committment to Pinpoint, its location advertising marketplace. Stronger analytics makes for easier and more viable advertisements. Offering analytics that comes directly from user-generated data could be a tempting offer for businesses and marketers looking to step up their location advertising game.

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