Contribute to Geomarketing

We’re looking for opinion pieces about challenges, opportunities, and trends related to (but not limited to) the uses of geo-data, map-making, geo-fencing, location-based advertising, online-to-offline marketing, and web presence management for enterprise and SMBs when it comes to supporting their brick-and-mortar business efforts.

  • Between 650 and 1200 words
  • No infographs
  • No Powerpoints/Powerpoint-Speak
  • No selling (“And that’s why our company is the best solution for this problem…”)
  • Exclusivity
*Required field

Some examples of Contributed posts we've run:
Now is the Time for OpenStreetMap
Small Business, Big Opportunity: Why SMBs Should Harness the Power of Programmatic
Will Beacons Bring Us Out Of The Dark Ages Of Marketing?