Analysis RoadBlock Ahead: How Navigating Through Traffic Can Be A Lot Like Navigating Through Mobile Marketing Mobile marketers need to figure out how to change lanes when their proximity efforts reach an impasse in an increasingly crowded marketplace, says ShopAdvisor's Jeff Papows Jeff Papows By Jeff Papows, Jan 17th
Analysis How Location Is Revolutionizing Digital Out-Of-Home At CES, Kinetic's Britta Klosterberg talked about the future of OOH — as it's impacted by everything from AR to self-driving cars. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Jan 16th
Analysis HSBC’s Kristien Turner: 2017 Is The Year Of ‘Story Doing’ — Not Storytelling At CES, Turner stressed the importance of getting clients involved in representing their own stories — and breaking down silos that surround online and offline communication. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Jan 12th
Analysis Beacons Provide An Extra Boost To Holiday Sales — But How? Beacon platforms like Swirl Networks and inMarket have cited evidence that beacons can generate greater sales and store traffic. The question remains: how much influence can these Bluetooth devices yield? David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Jan 12th
Analysis As Same-Store Holiday Sales Fizzled, Home Furnishings Represent An Outlier Price-conscious consumers continue to shift online, but as Crate & Barrel COO Michael Relich notes, home decor is still driving store visits. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Jan 11th
Analysis 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Implement in 2017 First up: Video is no longer optional, writes Sherry Bonelli. Sherry Bonelli By Sherry Bonelli, Jan 11th
Analysis Kinetic’s Mauricio Sabogal: OOH, In-Car Will Be 100 Percent Interactive At CES, Kinetic's global CEO discussed the future of connectivity — out of home and beyond. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Jan 11th
Analysis At CES, Pandora Finds Amazon’s Alexa, Connected Cars Already Meaningful The rise of audio activation is squarely in Pandora's space, says the music streaming service's Steven Kritzman at CES. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Jan 10th
Analysis Walgreens Connects Fit-Tech And Rewards — And Boosts Location Sharing In The Process At CES, Walgreens' Adam Kmiec talked about the initiative that lets users earn points by walking — and hinted at the company's plans for omnichannel expansion. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Jan 9th
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