10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news you need to know this week, from early CES coverage to the state of beacons in 2017.

We’ll be rolling out our official CES 2017 coverage in partnership with Kinetic all week, but in the meantime: Here are our top 10 things to know about online-to-offline marketing this week.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. CES Agency Preview: Isobar Strategist Chad Vavra On ‘Marketing To Machines’

This is the year of machine learning, says the Isobar experience and design exec, noting the voice interfaces and computer vision to products, to predictive analytics based on the analysis of data sets will be a big part of what the agency’s clients will be exploring at CES.k.

4. CES 2017 Preview: Shop+’s Migliozzi Explores Amazon’s In-Store Retail Influence

Mindshare Shop Plus and Shopper Marketing

As Mindshare’s retail and shopper marketing unit, Shop+, passes its first official anniversary, Joe Migliozzi highlights some of the topics that the unit’s clients attending CES are exploring.

3. Retail Hasn’t Changed In 100 Years — And What That Means For 2017

The golden age of the major department stores knew they were in the business of providing convenience, says retail veteran Ryan Craver. Along that way, that’s been forgotten, but so-called omnichannel strategies are serving as a reminder.

2. In 2017, Will Location Surge — And Beacons Stall?

Can Insights On Shopper Intent Improve Location Data?

ChargeItSpot CEO and founder, Doug Baldasare, shares his predictions for the coming year.

1. Beacons And The ‘Bar Of The Future’ Come To CES

Beacons from InMarket are being rolled out to 23,000 bars, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs and other venues connected to AMI Entertainment sports and music programming network.

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