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Analysis How Dunkin’ Brands Learned To Build Better Relationships Through Location Former president John Costello talked about creating a one-to-one mobile dialogue — and why the bar for relevancy in marketing is higher than ever. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Sep 26th
Analysis How McDonald’s Won Monopoly And Drove Real Money To Its Franchises McDonald's worked with Omnicom media agency OMD and NinthDecimal to see if mobile ads could drive offline traffic and sales. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 23rd
News 10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week All the location news this week, from how 7-Eleven is rethinking loyalty to what marketers need to know about 'mobile prodigies.' Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Sep 23rd
News Factual’s Observation Graph Grapples With Connecting Location To Behavior Location needs context to be understood. WPP's Xaxis is putting Factual's real-world activity analytics to the test. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 22nd
News Waze Moves To Solve ‘Tunnel Blindness’ With Beacons The GPS data that crowd-sourced Waze relies on to provide drivers road navigation often gets blacked out by tunnels. Here's how Google Eddystone beacons from Bluvision could shine highbeams on those dark spots. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 22nd
News Dunkin’ Donuts John Costello: Big Data Is Not A Strategy The former Dunkin' Brands president advised marketers on turning data into action at xAd's On Location conference. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Sep 22nd
Analysis What Marketers Need To Know About ‘Mobile Prodigies’ The Mobile Prodigies are the emerging Gen Z and younger Millennials, who have never known a world without mobile. Verve Mobile and Wildness looked at their online-to-offline shopping behaviors. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 21st
News How Brands Like 7-Eleven Are Rethinking Omnichannel Loyalty As Chicago-based loyalty platform Belly launches its enterprise offering, 'BLUE,' national retailers have a new opportunity to explore. Lauryn Chamberlain By Lauryn Chamberlain, Sep 21st
News How Facebook Plans To Manage National-To-Local Advertising For Retailers With the addition of its Dynamic Ads for Retail product, Facebook is promising to drive more online-to-offline store traffic. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 20th
News Yelp Aims To Build Stronger Ties With Developers On Location Data With ‘Fusion’ The goal is to make other platforms 'locally aware' with Yelp's tools. In turn, Yelp gets to integrate its photos and reviews into other apps. David Kaplan By David Kaplan, Sep 20th
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